Preparing For Your Yearly Wellness Exam

Comprehensive Wellness Exam
As an MDVIP patient, you will be given a comprehensive wellness exam on a yearly basis. This wellness exam has been specifically designed with prevention in mind and is the basis for your plan for ongoing preventative care.

For any questionnaire / form that you have completed for prior physicals, you only need to provide updated or new information. For any form If a particular form does not pertain to you, it is not necessary for you to complete it. You and your doctor will review and discuss the information at the time of your physical.

Included in this section are important screening documents for your comprehensive wellness exam. You may download these forms, fill them out and bring them with you at the time of your exam, or you may log onto your MDVIP account and complete the on-line Health Risk Assessment (HRA), prior to your exam date. Please note that you do not need to do both!

Wellness Forms (Wellness.pdf, 1.2MB)

An important part of your yearly physical exam includes a series of laboratory tests with on-site Quest Lab. Click Here For More Information on Quest Lab.